10 WEST IS THE CHAGRIN FALLS SALON that has catered to CHAGRIN VALLEY families since 1983. Contemporary, Professional, and Family Friendly is what makes 10 WEST SALON a mainstay in CHAGRIN FALLS for generations.

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The 10 West Products have received great reviews from our customers!  These amazing sulfate free products have a 100% money back guarantee!  You will love them! They cleanse gently and will not over-condition your hair.  They smell amazing too!  Available in 4 different formulas.  Voume, moisture (hydrating), and smoothing and strengthening.  Sizes are 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz.    Shampoo and conditioner "Try Me" duo set for $14.99! 


 10 West is committed to offering the best prices on professional products.  We will beat any internet price or other salon price…guaranteed!  


While your locks are being beautified, visit "CASCADES BOUTIQUE" upstairs from the SALON!  

Try the  “Quickie” *  The 23 DAY Color Touch-Up for only $23.00!  Don’t let your roots bother you anymore! Only $23.00 and we color your "part" and "hairline" and get you on your way to a “rootless” life.  Save time and $$ and consider this sensible quick fix.  Finish style is extra.          *Root growth must be less than 23 DAYS old to work well with the “Quickie” partial color service.






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