10 WEST IS THE CHAGRIN FALLS SALON that has catered to CHAGRIN VALLEY families since 1983. Contemporary, Professional, and Family Friendly is what makes 10 WEST SALON a mainstay in CHAGRIN FALLS for generations.

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While your locks are being beautified, visit "CASCADES BOUTIQUE" upstairs from the SALON!  

Try the  “Quickie” *  The 23 DAY Color Touch-Up for only $23.00!  Don’t let your roots bother you anymore! Only $23.00 and we color your "part" and "hairline" and get you on your way to a “rootless” life.  Save time and $$ and consider this sensible quick fix.  Finish style is extra.          *Root growth must be less than 23 DAYS old to work well with the “Quickie” partial color service.






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